Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cabinets and life lessons

So...Morgan did the cutest thing this past week.
As I was doing work on the computer, Morgan took all the cereal boxes out of our bottom cabinet, 10 boxes in all, and lined them up in a neat row, completely blocking the entrance into the kitchen.
It gets better though...she then climbed into the cabinet, and shut the two doors. I didn't know where she was, and when she's quiet...that's usually not a good thing. I call out her name, and she pops her head out, all smiles. She loved hiding in there!
I'm going to try to get a picture of that, or even record it and get it up online...she is the most adorable blond thing ever! we had a great Stake Conference. (A meeting in our church where our local leaders give us counsel.) There, I learned an important lesson about a very important word: nevertheless. I gained a greater knowledge that yes, life is hard, yes, I feel this way or that way, yes, I struggle and get tired and get discouraged...but...nevertheless, I will follow and trust in the Lord, and know that all will work out for the best. I gained a greater appreciation for not denying how I feel, but allowing myself to feel sad, or happy, or whatever, but also to realize that the Lord is there, and I can do all things with his strength. I just have to truly turn to him, to kneel on my knees, and ask for His grace.

I've been learning a lot about enduring, but enjoying the journey as I go along. :) Morgan taught me that we all like to hide (in cabinets, or wherever), but it's good to come out afterward with a smile on our face. (I also learned today that it's easier to preach 10 sermons, than to live, I'm going to try to live this one...even though my little James just woke up. :(
So...until next time!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Goals, good news, and goofiness! seems that I add a post every 8 months, so I wouldn't want to break that track record. However, I do want to improve it...especially because I want my family and friends to be able to know what we're up to as a family. So, I have made a goal. And, the neat thing that I recently learned about goals is to make minimum and maximum goals, so you don't set yourself up for failure if the goal is too lofty, but also allow yourself little triumphs along the way until you can work up to your maximum.
That being said, here is my goal: minimally, I will post at least once a month some fun tidbit that has happened in our family, how the kids are growing and changing, etc. Maximally, I will post every Sunday or Wednesday something for each week.
There you have it. :) I'm excited to really keep better track of my own life, so I don't forget all the great lessons and feelings I have over the years...otherwise life seems to go by so fast and I can't remember what I ate for lunch yesterday, and other important things. ;)

At any rate, some good news: Jonny and I had a wonderful Valentine's Day present for each other - we went and got an hour long couples massage! It was heaven! Seriously - I highly recommend it. I learned a few new tips on how to massage better, as well as learned that it's actually really nice to have your knees massaged. Wierd, right? I thought so at first, but I really liked it!

And, as for goofiness, Morgan and James are growing like crazy! James is 21 lbs, 6.5 oz, which puts Morgan only 2 pounds heavier than her "little" brother. They sure love to play. Morgan will grab James around the shoulders and pull him into a big hug, with James just smiling all the while. There's no one he smiles for faster than for his big sister.
Morgan can count all the way to 10 now, although this week the number 5 is getting left out from time to time. She is still so social, and loves to play out in the snow, and every puddle MUST be splashed in.
They are my joys.

Well, until next week (hopefully), I love you all!

P.S. I had my manager ask me a profound question that got me thinking: What do you want to do before you die?